Last Farewells Our Story

Our Story

Last Farewells was born in an unexpected yet defining place: Leyte, an island in the Philippines struck by a devastating typhoon in 2013. In mere moments, thousands of lives were lost, leaving behind a silence filled with words unspoken. It was here, amidst resilience and loss, that the idea came to life — at the headquarters of our sister company,

Our founders Estrella, Troy, and Kayla, have collectively traveled to over 100 countries and understand that death is a commonality we all share. With backgrounds in tourism, international education, and business, we created Last Farewells—a sanctuary for leaving lasting messages, celebrating life, and crafting a legacy that keeps on giving. Inspired by the resilience of our Filipino colleagues, we sparked a vision: to make our platform available in 100+ languages so that billions worldwide can have a chance to leave a last farewells.

The treasures you create on our platform will have the power to support your loved ones through their journey of grief after you’re gone, offering peace of mind that we can still offer comfort in the moments they need it most.

We invite you to be a part of our story by using Last Farewells as an act of love for yourself and your loved ones.

Our Vision

To become accessible in 100+ languages & dialects so that everyone, everywhere leaves no words left unspoken.