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left unspoken

Celebrate your life through last letters, videos, audio messages, a memorial page, and more!
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A Missed Phone Call Changed My Life​

Here at Last Farewells, we know how powerful a last message from someone we love can be. Our Co-Founder & CEO, Estrella, shares her heartfelt story about a voicemail from her dad that inspired her to travel the world and ultimately led to drive our mission of ensuring no words are left unspoken by anyone, anywhere.

Features that Celebrate Your Life​

Last Farewells Messages

Last Messages​

Craft letters, videos, and audio messages
for future special occasions (birthdays,
weddings, etc) or as a last farewell.​

Last Farewells - Memorial Page

Memorial Page

Tell your life story on a personalized
memorial page, through a self-written obituary,
last photo album, and custom URL
for a lasting, heartfelt legacy.​

Comfort for them, peace of mind for you.
We make it effortless.​

Last Farewells Step 1

Choose Message Type​

Choose from Letter, Video, or Audio.​

Last Farewells Step 2

Set Delivery Trigger​

Specify a date, special occasion, or upon death.​

Last Farewells Step 3

Craft Your Message​

Personalize your heartfelt message.​

Last Farewells Step 4

Add Recipient Details​

Designate who receives your message.​

Last Farewells Step 5

Message Delivery​​

You will nominate a messenger who will notify us of your passing, after we confirm, your messages will be delivered.​​

Your words can be the greatest gift you leave behind

Last Farewells Photo Album