Ensure no words are left unspoken

Celebrate your life essence and express your affection through Last Letters, Last Videos, Life Timelines, Bucket Lists, Music Playlists, Farewell Funds, Self-Written Obituaries, and so much more. Last Farewells preserves your legacy the way you want to be remembered.

Features that celebrate your words

Show your love through heartfelt letters, recorded videos, and cherished audio messages that will be securely delivered to your loved ones after your passing. In your absence, these meaningful messages will serve as a source of comfort and support during their time of grief and beyond.

Features that celebrate your story

Celebrate your present story by adding milestones to your life timeline, building your music playlist, making a bucket list, and curating your photo album

Features that celebrate your life

Showcase your unique life and share it with the world through your personalized memorial page. This exclusive space, accessible via your customized URL, beautifully houses all the features you’ve completed and preserves your legacy for generations to come.